Apr 5, 2022 Design, networking

本文内容受[1]启发 Active/Passive的灾备情况下,如果灾备中心是冷备,那么分离的3层DCI并没有多大的作用。但真正的冷备有多少呢 ...

Tsukkomi about Chinese Cable SP Providers

Mar 16, 2022 networking, ISP

Companies usually take experiences from others in the same industry or the ones share a lot of characters. This is also similar to Chinese companies in cable SPs. Every time I heard about what they wanted to learn from when we were discussing future business development, Comcast is always the one they like. But from my personal view, I prefer to consider this is an error to position themselves like Comcast because there are no share characteristics except for being called cable SPs. ...