Yo, 小心坑爹的iPhone应用

Sep 10, 2013 App, iPhone

iPhone上总是有各种坑爹的应用,而且很多还要收费。这里我说的坑爹不只是应用的品质不行,而是完全的虚假宣传。虽然我自己对iPhone的开发 ...

Review My iPhone Apps

Mar 16, 2022 App, iPhone

I’ve never been an apple fan even there are 2 iPhones, 3 iPads, 4 iPods and 2 Laptops in my house. And I’m glad to recommend using iPhone & some great iPhone apps to my friends every time when I was asked. One major reason for addicting into apple is the softwares on them which give me simplicity and convenience, also have improved my productivity. ...