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Notes are for book [1] Overview The book promotes output from various aspects by providing how helpful the output can be. The writing style is closed to outlines where several parallel points are listed without strong connection. This style tries to give a wholistic view of the benefits but falls short of deep conversations of each point. Several points overlap with each other, some of taking notes are covered by ...


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RTSP的URL地址格式是: rtsp://$(IP):$(PORT)/user=$(USER)&password=$(PWD)&channel=$(Channel)&stream=$(Stream).sdp?real_stream 在确认能够收到流之后(如使用VLC),可以使用FFMPEG来录制流[1] apt install FFmpeg -y RTSP="rtsp://" ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i $RTSP -vcodec copy -r 1 -t 60 -y $(TZ=UTC-8 date ...

proportional engagement

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Scale my engagement on any given issue based on [1] how important I think it is how effective I think I can be in contributing how much time I want to dedicate to it Bibliography .csl-left-margin{float: left; padding-right: 0em;} .csl-right-inline{margin: 0 0 0 1em;} [1]Andrew Bosworth, “Proportional Response.”

智识的生产技术 by [日] 梅棹忠夫 著 樊秀丽 译

Mar 22, 2022 ReadingNotes

Notes are related to the book [1]. The order of the notes doesn’t reflect the order of pages in the book. Comments about the book The book consists of ~50 pages of outdated content, like how to choose good paper for taking notes, how to use type writers, etc.. The writing starts with far and less connected things and circles slowly into main points in chapters. The whole book can ...