write understandable notes

Mar 22, 2022 NoteTaking, Productivity

Notes for [1] Key Points of Writing a Clear Note: When writing a note, it’s critical to make it simple and clear, because a note can be interpreted differently in different context, and even can’t be understood if the original context loses. A note is more of a reflection, idea, thought and understanding instead of a prose, the key points in the note should be able to capture whenever it is read afterwards. ...

proportional engagement

Mar 22, 2022 ReadingNotes, Productivity

Scale my engagement on any given issue based on [1] how important I think it is how effective I think I can be in contributing how much time I want to dedicate to it Bibliography .csl-left-margin{float: left; padding-right: 0em;} .csl-right-inline{margin: 0 0 0 1em;} [1]Andrew Bosworth, “Proportional Response.”


Jul 26, 2020 Productivity, Time Management

时间是永远不够的。不管对任何人来说,似乎总有那么一些事是没有时间完成的。既然如此,倒过来想如何在有限的时间内完成最有价值的事情可能是收益最大 ...