write understandable notes

Mar 22, 2022 NoteTaking, Productivity

Notes for [1] Key Points of Writing a Clear Note: When writing a note, it’s critical to make it simple and clear, because a note can be interpreted differently in different context, and even can’t be understood if the original context loses. A note is more of a reflection, idea, thought and understanding instead of a prose, the key points in the note should be able to capture whenever it is read afterwards. ...

Are they under a single topic?

Mar 22, 2022 NoteTaking

Materials can be under the same topic or not based on the collecting perspective (as the topic), for example[1], [2]: If the topic discusses GTD methodology, then the followings in the same topic: What is GTD comparison of GTD against other methods general principles recommendation tools but if the topic is about GTD workflow, then the followings are: general principles recommendation tools are in one note ...