TCP 三次握手

Jul 25, 2020 Network, Protocol

TCP建立连接时,实际上时建立两个单向连接来进行双向通信,双方都需要一个发起连接,接收和确认的过程。过程如下: Reference: 发起方发送SYN,附带一个 ...

How does flowtrackd detect DDoS in DSR

Mar 16, 2022 Network, DDoS, Security

Cloudflare recently announced flowtrackd which can detect DDoS in [DSR]([[Direct Server Return]]) scenarios. It’s quite interesting since most DDoS protections need the gateway working in the reverse proxy mode, in which the traffic coming and leaving through the same device. Then the gateway can track connection statuses since it observes every packet. I am not an employee of Cloudflare and have no insight of how flowtrackd is designed, but I’d like to have an educated guess. ...