Scenarios of IGMP Snooping Multicast Forwarding

Mar 16, 2022 IGMP, Multicast

I’ve discussed what is IGMP snooping and its forwarding rules for different packets in my a.external { background: url('/images/external.png') no-repeat 100% 0; background-size: 14px 14px; padding-right: 16px; } last post. I just want to give some typical scenarios in IGMP snooping for your better understanding. Scenario 1: Switch forwarding multicast traffic to a multicast router and hosts In the topology shown above, the switch acting as a pure L2 device interconnects multicast router, which directly connects to the Source A for multicast group 239. ...

What is IGMP Snooping

Mar 16, 2022 IGMP

What does IGMP Snooping Do IGMP snooping is used to monitor the traffic of IGMP protocol between hosts and multicast-enabled routers. The switch uses it to learn which interface has an interested receiver and forward multicast traffic only to these interfaces. This feature could save bandwidth by allowing it to send traffic only needed, rather than flooding all multicast packets to all interfaces. IGMP Snooping and Forwarding Interfaces To determine how to forward multicast traffic, IGMP snooping maintains a “table” about the interfaces information: ...