Huawei is abandoning CDN

Sep 15, 2014
Huawei, CDN

Companies drop their products while they are benefit-able, it seems that Huawei is abandoning CDN from its mainstream products in China. Lacking of clients may be one critical fact that this product cannot provide sufficient profit for Huawei. From this aspect of how many new clients a product has been sold while no expansion for old clients, the only considerable one is China Mobile Sichuan. Less R&D force for less profitable product principle makes CDN have less support. ...

Experiences about CloudFlare

Jun 8, 2014
CDN, CloudFlare

I spent about three hours to migrate my tech blog from OpenShift & CloudFlare to GitHub again, after my moving all from GitHub to OpenShift about 2 month ago. Experience with OpenShift & CloudFlare was frustrating and awful. It didn’t hit any expectations that I thought before the first migration. Why I want to use CDN Choosing a free hosting by OpenShift for me is mesmerized by its potential customization in the future, rather than cost consideration. ...