write understandable notes

write understandable notes

Mar 22, 2022 NoteTaking, Productivity

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Key Points of Writing a Clear Note:

  • When writing a note, it’s critical to make it simple and clear, because a note can be interpreted differently in different context, and even can’t be understood if the original context loses. A note is more of a reflection, idea, thought and understanding instead of a prose, the key points in the note should be able to capture whenever it is read afterwards.
  • Some useful ways are:
    • Write in simple text, preferably with a formal structure.
    • Make the most important things first. A note is closed to useless if I need to go through a complex brain work to figure out what it talks about.
    • Have a clear title directly about the content, which could be the final conclusion of the note.
    • First sentence/paragraph should be a short description of the topic.


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