Experiences about CloudFlare

Jun 8, 2014
CDN, CloudFlare

I spent about three hours to migrate my tech blog from OpenShift & CloudFlare to GitHub again, after my moving all from GitHub to OpenShift about 2 month ago. Experience with OpenShift & CloudFlare was frustrating and awful. It didn’t hit any expectations that I thought before the first migration. Why I want to use CDN Choosing a free hosting by OpenShift for me is mesmerized by its potential customization in the future, rather than cost consideration. ...

Review: Jawbone UP 1st generation

Jan 17, 2014
gadget, Jawbone, Review

A little history I have spent a lot of time on reading, researching tech gadgets articles and products, sometimes I’ll really buy some of them that I think are useful and interesting. I was mesmerized by Jawbone UP as soon as it came out — not only for the idea but also for its features were all I wanted at that time. Without any doubt, I purchased one from the Internet even it had never been released in China. ...

Review My iPhone Apps

Sep 9, 2013
App, iPhone

I’ve never been an apple fan even there are 2 iPhones, 3 iPads, 4 iPods and 2 Laptops in my house. And I’m glad to recommend using iPhone & some great iPhone apps to my friends every time when I was asked. One major reason for addicting into apple is the softwares on them which give me simplicity and convenience, also have improved my productivity. After experiencing lots of free/paid apps. ...