Tsukkomi about Chinese Cable SP Providers

Tsukkomi about Chinese Cable SP Providers

Mar 16, 2022 networking, ISP

Companies usually take experiences from others in the same industry or the ones share a lot of characters. This is also similar to Chinese companies in cable SPs. Every time I heard about what they wanted to learn from when we were discussing future business development, Comcast is always the one they like. But from my personal view, I prefer to consider this is an error to position themselves like Comcast because there are no share characteristics except for being called cable SPs.

The cable SPs in China are totally different from the companies in the US.

  • You can’t expect a company knows how to gather profits after ignoring making any incomes for the last 20 years.
  • All the companies have 100% regional monopolization due to the administrative regulations.
  • The only advantage for them is the video content, which was only allowed to broadcast through TV, is now more and more accessible for public companies.
  • Most of their engineers or even tech experts have no idea about IP or only some shallow experiences.

These simple reasons have confused me for a long time for why they all want to put their hands into SP business. One reason behind this could be they only know CTC/CMCC has a lot of profits while selectively ignoring other essential facts.

I don’t think they can compare themselves to Comcast or PCCW just because they are in the same industry. Like 50′ style orthodox small workshop has no shared point with a modern hi-tech company. So stop arrogantly clamor and do what you can do.

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