Review My iPhone Apps

Review My iPhone Apps

Mar 16, 2022 App, iPhone

I’ve never been an apple fan even there are 2 iPhones, 3 iPads, 4 iPods and 2 Laptops in my house. And I’m glad to recommend using iPhone & some great iPhone apps to my friends every time when I was asked. One major reason for addicting into apple is the softwares on them which give me simplicity and convenience, also have improved my productivity. After experiencing lots of free/paid apps. I think a summary for them could help me to find great apps in future, and any one who is discovering.

Brief history of my iPhone apps

I declare that I have purchased all the softwares which are not free for using.

CategoryApp HistoryReason
IMIM+ pro -> Whatsapp -> 微信(Wechat) -> Whatsapp -> Whatsapp+微信(Wechat) -> Whatsapp+微信(Wechat)+Line -> 微信(Wechat) -> None -> Built-in iMessageNoisy. I prefer async mails than sync messages. iMessage only for contact my clients
EmailMail -> Gmail -> Mailbox -> MailGmail & Mailbox are good, but I have to access other mail boxes with my habit
Music PlayerMusic -> 虾米 -> DS Music -> None -> DS MusicI preferred to listen from the web directly when I’m not working, since I figured out auto recommendation was not work for me.
Web BrowserSafari -> Chrome -> SafariSync is so important for me because I cannot remember
Twitter/WeiboTwitter -> Weico + Twitter -> Weico -> None -> TweetbotVociferous. TweetBot is an exception.
Note TakingNotes -> Evernote -> Notes -> Devonthink Mobile -> NotesAll of them are useless for me. Honestly
Finance随手记 -> 挖财 -> 随手记 -> NoneAgain. Sync is important
GTDThings -> Omnifocus-> Omnifocus2
Info GatheringReeder -> Flipboard -> feedly -> Pocket -> NoneUse ifttt to send me a mail when RSS updates. Mail is the universal client for me.
Online StorageDropbox -> Google Drive -> Dropbox
DictionaryMerriam-Webster -> 欧陆词典 -> 有道词典 -> Built-in Dict
FlashcardBrainscape -> AnkiAnki is cross-platform

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