Review: Jawbone UP 1st generation

Review: Jawbone UP 1st generation

Mar 16, 2022 gadget, Jawbone, Review


A little history

I have spent a lot of time on reading, researching tech gadgets articles and products, sometimes I’ll really buy some of them that I think are useful and interesting. I was mesmerized by Jawbone UP as soon as it came out — not only for the idea but also for its features were all I wanted at that time.

Without any doubt, I purchased one from the Internet even it had never been released in China. I picked the larger size with a black appearance. 2 years later, it is totally out of work. I think I have enough experience in reviewing it.

My personal feelings

long battery lifeforget to recharge sometimes
light weighteven the largest size is small a lot of people
meet-demand featuresswitch mode by mistake sometimes
the plug will have connection problem after plugging in and out a lot
alarm is not powerful enough
the cap is easy to lose
Overall: Good product


Since it has three main features — monitoring steps in the day time, watching sleep quality at night and logging your records into the app for future review. I will talk about them in three parts and the replacements for each.


As I have mentioned above, Jawbone UP is designed to let you forget its existence. But you may forget for recharging or plug it in your phone to log since its design concept. Especially for forgetting for recharging, you could wear it for days without noticing it is totally shut down. Another problem is though it uses medical rubber to prevent an allergic reaction, people like me who sweat a lot and live in a hot area will still get rashes on wrist probably.

I discovered an app called Move on iPhone, which can work in the background to track the steps you’ve walked, how many minutes for walking or jogging, and also the GPS info for places you have been. As cell phone become one of my must-have carry-on these years, I almost immediately use it for step tracking after trying the features.

Sleep Quality

One of the Jawbone UP 1st generation’s main feature is the sleep mode. You can use it to track your sleep quality by tracking your body movement during sleep indirectly. The theory behind this is that you have fewer movements when you are in the deeper sleep period. Also, it provides a smart alarm to wake you up by vibrating itself when you are not in deep sleep around you set time.

I know there are a lot of sleeping software on iPhone, but all of them have to be paid for using until I find Sleep Time. Although this free version can only keep your last 5 nights’ records and you have to put your wire on all the night, it still good enough for using and provides details about sleep.


The official App for Jawbone has an awesome design, and the functionality is great. But it can be only used with its own products. Since my wristband went down, I found TactioHealth which is a universal record system not only for step numbers but also for body weight, activities, blood pressure and so on.

The only problem here for me is that I have to manually input steps from Move into Tactio. But since I have to plug Jawbone into my phone and adjust it for a lot of syncs, I think this word is worth.

Ken’s View

Jawbone UP is my first gadget for health tracking. Its quality is very good though there are some foibles. But I prefer to bring less with me and use my phone to do a lot of work, so I may not buy another similar product in the future.

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