Huawei is providing outsourcing management services for SPs

Huawei is providing outsourcing management services for SPs

Mar 16, 2022 Huawei, ISP

I recently had a chance to speak with a supervisor, who is called such by his colleagues, from Huawei. He mentioned that Huawei was trying doing outsourcing IT management service for SP customers. This approaching reminds me that Cisco is also thriving to bring management service into China. I don’t think this is a coincidence that two biggest companies in the same industry are doing the same.

The only difference is that Huawei is expecting to have a proliferation out of China mainland, while Cisco is trying to bring this concept into China. Do not get confused, I’ll explain this.

Huawei has a huge success in SP in China and has plenty of on-site engineers providing various services like devices installation, configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring, etc. They may not call this as outsourcing management while actually doing almost all aspects of it. Huawei is now trying to extend it to a broader area and seriously take it as an option for its customers.

The future for the new service may be extremely difficult. Cisco currently has already had a success story in HK, but this definitely has no meaning to Chinese mainland customers. Also, the market chance is quite low for Cisco. SPs have fantastic support from Huawei(H3C) for almost every aspect with an unbelievable low price. Big CPs like Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu have their peculiar professional team for everyday operations, and deeply understand that outsourcing may not be a potential choice for further considerations. Small companies, of course, are not capable of having Cisco’s professional management services due to the cost issue. From my view of pure technologies, the highest possible for Cisco is the cable SPs in China. But the way for achieving it would be much harder than Cisco thinks. Since all cable SPs have government pedigree, and we are clear its attitude to Cisco.

As I mentioned before, I Don’t think this is a coincidence for both providing the same service. And this service would be significant to some companies which want to forget it while using it a lot. I’ll it more in the future.

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