Huawei is abandoning CDN

Huawei is abandoning CDN

Mar 16, 2022 Huawei, CDN

Companies drop their products while they are benefit-able, it seems that Huawei is abandoning CDN from its mainstream products in China.

Lacking of clients may be one critical fact that this product cannot provide sufficient profit for Huawei. From this aspect of how many new clients a product has been sold while no expansion for old clients, the only considerable one is China Mobile Sichuan. Less R&D force for less profitable product principle makes CDN have less support. Last year, why Huawei suddenly gave up and quitted before bids may come from that competitors pushed new features and better promise for future support.

Deliberate coupling is a double blade with sharper side towards itself. Huawei decided to make an integrated system which almost includes every aspect of CDN, but makes a sale of the whole system should depend on its reliability and performance, not the system limitation on purpose. When consulting with Huawei, they preferred to sell the system as an all-in-one system and push others out of the business. Separate sale for components usually considers as customized development, which is required for abundant extra money. Why? From an anonymous employee of Huawei, it has been designed as this. I would say this is a fallacy because no company can take the entire market.

I also want to mention one more thing. Its main competitor Cisco has deployed its CDN widely. They may not be as large as Huawei’s CDN in Sichuan for one on one comparison, but it seems a smarter idea for the market. Meanwhile, keep in mind CMS system failure from Huawei if you are really interested in its product.

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