Huawei is abandoning CDN

Companies drop their products while they are benefit-able, it seems that Huawei is abandoning CDN from its mainstream products in China. Lacking of clients may be one critical fact that this product cannot provide sufficient profit for Huawei. From this aspect of how many new clients a product has been sold while no expansion for old clients, the only considerable one is China Mobile Sichuan. Less R&D force for less profitable product principle makes CDN have less support.

Walkthrough of Text Holes Golf

冲分的时候又到了!! 题目要求 题目要求一如既往的简单明了: 1 统计一段文字中,有多少空格满足周围都不是空格字符的数量 而原始代码嘛…… 1 2 def golf(text): return 0

CCIE Data Center Lab Exam Topics

The CCIE Data Center lab exam topics provided are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the lab exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice. Cisco Data Center Infrastructure - NXOS Implement NXOS L2 functionality

Different Orientation of Wasu

As I mentioned in my earlier post, regional government media groups were chasing for profits in SP business. But glad to say, not all of them shared the same goal. A minority of them noticed their advantages and disadvantages and chose to orient to the content providers. Wasu is one of the minority group members, and it has a totally different business orientation with other three strongest MG in China.

Experiences about CloudFlare

I spent about three hours to migrate my tech blog from OpenShift & CloudFlare to GitHub again, after my moving all from GitHub to OpenShift about 2 month ago. Experience with OpenShift & CloudFlare was frustrating and awful. It didn’t hit any expectations that I thought before the first migration. Why I want to use CDN Choosing a free hosting by OpenShift for me is mesmerized by its potential customization in the future, rather than cost consideration.

Review: Jawbone UP 1st generation

A little history I have spent a lot of time on reading, researching tech gadgets articles and products, sometimes I’ll really buy some of them that I think are useful and interesting. I was mesmerized by Jawbone UP as soon as it came out — not only for the idea but also for its features were all I wanted at that time. Without any doubt, I purchased one from the Internet even it had never been released in China.

CheckIO - Snake 呀〜贪吃蛇啊…… 和其他的task不同的是,这个是一次multicall。不过我其实完全可以不考虑这点,每次给出当前map,然后程序给出走法

Yo, 小心坑爹的iPhone应用